Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Hair Day

There is nothing more annoying than a bad hair day. It just takes the sharp edge off your day. You feel less confident, not put together and self-conscious. It is very distracting! Conversely, you can conquer the world on a good hair day! Everything is right with the world when every hair is in place.

But, what happens when you have a good hair day and no place to go? Doesn't it seem like a waste? You wake up on a Thursday, do your hair and...perfection. I mean, you could get married in this do! And then, nothing. You have monumental great hair and it's same old, same old. No one appreciates the magnificence at the grocery store. People could care less at the post office. Not even a second look at the dry cleaners. It's like singing the perfect aria in an abandoned auditorium. It's a shame.

I had one of these last week and it kind of bummed me out. Then, I decided to turn it back to where it me. Who cares if no one appreciates my good hair? I feel good. I know I look good. So this good feeling is all mine and that's enough and that's ok today.

Just as long as it looks this good when my husband takes me out on that romantic dinner...

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