Monday, February 16, 2009

Less of a Woman

That's right...I am less of a woman than I was last month at this time....5 pounds less:-) Yeah me! I am so excited. Maintaining a healthy weight is the one area in my life in which, I have not been successful. And now, I am finally seeing some movement on the scale.

Stress has been my main barrier. Unfortunately, adding my mother to our household and other sources of anxiety have made my weight loss efforts futile. But now, I finally feel like I have this stuff under control.

Meditation has been my biggest helper. I learned progressive relaxation and I have learned to slow down. That is such a foriegn concept to me. How am I going to get everything done if I slow down? But it actually works! By going slower, I am more deliberate and more conscious. I make less mistakes and experience everything more fully. I am slow and I love it!!

I was able to step up my workout from 2 miles to 3 miles. And viola! Success! Here's to another month and another 5 pounds. Maybe by next May, I will be 40 and fabulous!!

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