Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Having a Boy

So, I had my ultrasound last week, and it turns out, I'm having a BOY.

Don't get me wrong. I am excited, but it makes me nervous at the same time. I've always been a little bit afraid of the opposite sex (go on, admit it, you are, too - they're weird). Now, I'm going to be forced to confront those fears head-on.

Plus, I have a whole new set of worries I didn't even realize I'd be concerned about.

One of the first things I thought of when I found out I was having a son is a) my poor baby is going to be bald by the time he's 30 and b) I hope he's tall.

I never had those kinds of thoughts about my daughter. I never wished for her to look a certain way, or to be anything other than happy and healthy (oh, and smart). But I think it's hard for men to be short and bald.

Most of my family is 6 feet and over, but my stepson is 18, and hanging out at about 5'4" right now.

And I do think, to a certain extent, we have ignored our boys in society. We've been so busy telling girls how fabulous they are - how they can do anything, that we've forgotten we need to nurture our boys the same way. So, what do you guys think? Any advice on raising boys vs. girls? Are they different or the same? What are your fears?


  1. What a beautifully honest post! I wish wish wish I could give my husband a baby boy in his image. That would be the best gift I could give him! He's such a good dad with our daughter. I know she'll be a sports addict but to give him a son to play ball with too would be so awesome! Don't worry, just by what you said I know already you're the perfect mom to have a little boy!

  2. Congrats! I have posted about this exact subject..on both counts! I have a three year old daughter and was really hoping for my second to be another girl for 1) I didn't want to part with her clothes and 2) I am extremely short (5'1), my husband is 6'3 and my daughter has always been in the 95+% for height..she will be an amazon. I was so afraid to have a boy and have him get his height from my side while having a super tall sister. Up until he was born I just could not imagine being the mother of a son (I also was sad because I didnt' want to ever have to deal with daughter-in-laws - I want to be the go to woman for all my kids - yes, I have problems). Well, let me just tell you, ALL of your fears will fly out the window the second you meet your little guy. Oh, and I lucked out, my guy is super tall like his sister :)

  3. Congratutlations! I LOVE my boy - he will STEAL your heart, you just wait! :o)

  4. Congratulations! I have a boy and he is so much fun! I have nothing to compare to but I just love, love, love my son.

  5. It's so funny that you post that, I was so scared to have a girl, I didn't want her to turn out like me. Once you see him, you will just know that there is a bond between you two that goes beyond sex... Beyond anything else and that's what really matters in the end...
    I am excited for you!

  6. I grew up with 4 sisters and was afraid of boys until 8th grade. But somehow I knew I was destined to have a son. And surprise! My firstborn is a son. You will quickly learn how much fun they are and how much joy they bring to your life. But you're right too; I have a new respect for my mother-in-law and how she let go of her little boy to allow me to be the woman in his life. Congrats to you and have fun!