Thursday, March 25, 2010

making visits to the doctor easier on our little ones

Yesterday, my son and I went to his pediatrician for his 5-year old wellness checkup. Doctor Singh is a popular lady around these parts, so wait time at her office is always lengthy. After waiting for an annoyingly long time in the waiting room, we wait again for what seems like an eternity once we're in the examining room. My son handles these doctor visits as best as he can at his age. I always arrive at Dr. Singh's office armed with snacks, a few small toys, my son's Leapster, and some crayons and coloring books. Even with so many activities to choose from, my dear boy still gets restless all penned up in a small room with no windows for so long.

So, I'm wondering, what do you do to make visits to the doctor a bit easier for your young child? The best trick of the trade I've come up with so far is to let the rolled out paper on the examining table be my son's art canvas. Yesterday, he and I created a very detailed beach and underwater scene complete with (at his urging) a killer whale, a shark, an electrical eel, a Nemo fish, Dory, a palm tree with coconuts, and sunbathers. Dr. Singh was duly impressed that my son was familiar with so many sea creatures...and that the sunbathers had a bottle of sunscreen, SPF 70, sitting next to them in the sand. :-)


  1. I call ahead and see how far behind they are running and come in accordingly.

  2. Wow, Brenda, you seem to have a good plan with toys, snacks etc, but, even the most patient of moms can find herself/her children would have a hard time in that situation. I will have to remember you and Kurt next time I wait and I am upset since I only took the morning off of work. Sometimes, the wait is a good thing if you have time together or time for yourself.