Monday, October 26, 2009

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

I don't know about anybody else but I am so over the cold and flu season already!! I have had it. My youngest has had it. My mom has had it. Heck my oldest has had it all the way in Spain!! What the heck, people? It's worse than having Christmas decorations up before Halloween!!

And, we are the not the only ones feeling it. Last week, 12% of the student body reported being out with flu symptoms. We weren't the worst either. There were schools in our area that had 60% out and the health department had to close them. What the heck, people??

What is going on? When we were kids, I don't ever remember missing school because someone else was sick?? Has it really come to this? Are we really this weak? I don't know about you guys but this scares the crap out of me!


  1. So sorry you all have been hit so hard with colds! Young Kurt was sick 3 times this summer - I almost went crazy over it. They weren't just little illnesses - major viruses that totally took the little guy down for the count. Unbelievably, we haven't had anything since August. Everyone around us is getting sick, but we remain healthy. I'm wondering how long this can last. I'm hoping our immune systems were really toughened up by the summer's illness nightmare and we are now set up with a nice defense shield. Knock on wood! Hope healthier days are ahead for you all!

  2. I know I am so over this sick stuff! Good thing this world is not forever and Heaven is!

  3. I am so paranoid about seasonal flu and H1N1. They both scare me terribly. It seems everyone around us is sick. I volunteered at my 7 yr. old's school yesterday and there was a 2nd grade class with 11 children absent...that's more than half the class. It's frightening.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog for Tackle It Tuesday!!

  4. I think people have a greater awareness of things now. It's probably better for kids to be resting when they are sick anyway.