Monday, July 6, 2009

Managing Stress

My mother had an abnormal stress test. This has resulted in an echocardiogram Tuesday to see if the valve she had replaced in 2000 is leaking. If it is, she needs surgery. Then on Wednesday, she is having a catherization to find if there are any blockages in her arteries. If there are, she will get a stent or angioplasty or surgery. So, as you can see, I am going to be under a lot of stress over the next couple days.

My job is to get her to her appointments, be there for any questions the doctor has for her, communicate to the family what is going on and make any hard decisions that need to be made. That's quite a bit for one person so, I am implementing all of my stress relieving arsenals that I learned in therapy. Deep breathing. Slow down. Focus. It's pretty scary but, I have been here before and I am sure that I will be back. All of my struggles before will not be in vain if I can maintain myself through this again.

So, if you could find the time to send me some positive energy on Tuesday and Wednesday, I would really appreciate it:-) I have tools but...everyone needs a little help now and then, right?


  1. Dear Susan yes we all really do need each other. How many days your presence out there has really made just that significant encouragement I needed. Know Dear Lady that my thoughts and prayer are right there with you.
    Do some extra b12, and if you can find some Emergen-C powder packets, they come in a box of 36 for $10? they will help a lot.
    Ask for help from those around you. If at the doctor you feel overwhelmed ask an assistant to assist you. Give a short Explanation to her that you could really use her support. It is good to ask. Does not mean you will get what you want. Sometimes though it will be just what you need

  2. I'm right there with you!!! Sending love and positive thoughts from California! I hope it all goes well. xo