Monday, July 13, 2009

I Am Exhausted

That is pretty much how it is going over here....exhausted. Last week's trials with my mother's healthcare has left me spent with little or nothing to give. I tried to blow off some steam this weekend but I fear, it has only delayed the problem.

In my house, we live in a culture of sickness. Her illness permiates the house. Joy is supressed before it even has a chance to flourish by the constant nagging afflictions that she brings us. I am wasting my youth in her decay. From that, my spirit is abating. How can I be in this vocation that I was born with? How did her problems become my fate? I struggle with this everyday. I will be straddled with this corrosion until the day she leaves this earth. By then, I will have been squandered.


  1. Oh sweet your needed a is a grueling task to so what your doing . It must be so terribly difficult. Remember to try to set boundaries.
    when you...I feel...and I would prefer if...

    I hope she is not a victim martyr.

  2. My mom is going through the same thing, do you have any access to help? Just a bit of space to be you?

  3. wow I am so sorry to hear that times have been rough. I can understand how difficult being around sickness can be and you have our thoughts and prayers

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