Friday, March 13, 2009

My Biggest Fears

So, I sit here on another Thursday night, realizing I have not thought about our blog at all this week and what I'm going to write, until this very moment.
Unfortunately for you guys, there's only a few things that have been on my mind lately: the baby, getting our house ready for the baby, and work.
So, let's try a variation on the theme: how uncomfortable the baby is making me and my fear of maternity pants. I know, I'm crazy. But I actually have a deep-seated fear of three articles of women's clothing: full-panel maternity pants, granny underwear and house coats.
Now, these are my fears and I own them.
I know many rational women, that I respect, who claim they love full-panel maternity pants because they fit and are super comfortable.
My mom wears a house coat every night around, well, the house.
And granny underwear? You may have a reason for having 12 pairs in your drawer, but I just can't help it. I don't own any and I never will. It makes me feel old. And un-sexy (not that you ever feel sexy when you're pregnant!)
So, I wear maternity bikinis, low-rise maternity pants and sleep in a tank top and shorts.
I don't think what you wear changes who you are. Or what you're going through. I am not any different than a mom-to-be in a polka-dot tent dress and a bow at the neck.
But by avoiding those three simple things, I feel better. It's a psychological game I play with myself. What about you?


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  2. One piece of advice I give my pregnant friends is to use baby oil when you get out of the shower. It helps with stretch marks.
    And as far as the granny underware, I totaly agree with you!! I've never owned a pair in my life!!

    Take care!! ;0)

  3. In general (not being pregnant) I try to avoid ever buying a size up from what I would normally buy. Why buy myself something I love, but will feel crappy wearing bc I won't be able to stop thinking about what the size tag says? I'd rather buy stretch... oh and granny panties.. I'll pass lol.

    How far along are you?

  4. 6 months! I'm due at the end of June. I hope it flies's not as fun the second time around. But I know the end result will be worth it! =D