Monday, May 10, 2010

How Was Your Mother's Day?

Mine was great! I am soooooooo spoiled! My husband and younger daughter put together such a beautiful day. They made a gourmet breakfast together complete with mimosas and table clothes. I got flowers and chocolate and candles...they sure know me well. Then, we went out to lunch and back home for a gourmet dinner. And, I didn't have to lift a finger...

...until today. But you know what, I didn't even mind the extra dishes and extra laundry today. It didn't put me that far back and yesterday was so perfect, it didn't matter. Awesome!!

And, the gifts keep giving. As a mother, I have volunteered a lot at school this year. As such, I am being honored at the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast tomorrow. I am going to soak this in because next year, I won't be eligible because...

I am going to be the Vice-President of the PTO. They saw me coming:-) But I love it.

Also tomorrow, I am going to be recognized as a leader for Girl Scouts with a nice dinner. How fun is that?

Who said motherhood is a thankless job?

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  1. Wow Sue! Congratulations on both the award and being V.P. of the PTO. Kristin and I will be singing your praises as we do our training walk today. You go girl...