Monday, February 1, 2010

Ok...She Can Pull the Knife Out Now!

It has happened...already! The other day my youngest daughter said to me:

"Mom, you know, you don't have to walk me to the end of the driveway anymore. I am brave enough to go on my own."

"What??? No way!!"

"If you aren't brave enough, you can watch from the house or the garage."

"What?? No way!!!"

She is in kindergarten, ya'll!! Kindergarten!! I knew this day would come but, I thought I had at least a couple years before THIS would happen!

I am not read for this. I still need the "hand-off". I need to take my baby and look the bus driver in the eye and make small talk and all the while really saying, "I am entrusting my flesh and blood to you now. I relinquish control. Please be careful with my heart."

I cannot and will not do this! I still need the hand-off. And if that means that it takes her a little bit longer to grow up then, so be it. Just give me some time. I will get there. Just not yet...ok?

So, she can pull that knife out of my heart now. It ain't happenin'!

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  1. I was just thinking the same thing myself the other day! My son is 9 and he's getting to where he don't want 'smooches' in public anymore. And my husband had to remind me of all the little things I do for him that he should do for himself.... Hey I'm a mom & he's my baby still!! So yes I understand completely!!!