Sunday, November 15, 2009

Generally Annoyed by Ignorance

I recently attended a state funding panel discussion at my local school district. Since I have absolutely no political background, I thought it would educate me in how my child's school is paid for. Oh, I was educated alright!

I learned that our state spreads out our tax dollars in a three-tiered system: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Since our district is considered "property wealthy" we only qualify for primary funding from the state. So, we pay taxes for all three but only take out taxes for one of the tiers. Conversely, Milwaukee recieves funding for all three tiers. is the classic "fortunate taking care of the less fortunate." I get that.

The second thing I learned is how completely naive and downright ignorant some of the people in this area are. One woman raised her hand and asked the senator, "That doesn't seem fair?" The state constitutional promises equitable education. Equitable doesn't mean fair. Naive. She then went on to prove her ignorance by saying, "We work hard all our lives. We have made all the right decisions and followed the right paths to buy houses in good school districts. We should be rewarded, not punished for that.", the people in Milwaukee public school districts don't work hard? They haven't made the right decisions in their lives? They haven't followed what you consider the "right path"?

Now, I don't claim to have all answers on how to run the world however, I do know enough to not assume anything about anybody. Does anyone else find this statement to be highly offensive?


  1. Good Morning Susan
    no man can feel the plight of another less he walk in his shoe a mile.
    most folk would not think to ware a used shoe even if it might give them an education in humanity and compassion.

  2. It's not offensive, it's sad that she doesn't understand how it all works.

    I live in CA. We began the state lottery with the state saying millions would go to our schools. It's been many years and they're still cutting back.

    Maybe a career in politics is ahead for you?

  3. I am so disappointed in our political system and how we've been betrayed by the ignorance of our legislators most of them their agenda to stay elected and not serve our needs the ones that keep them in office. It's difficult to pass judgement on how to clean it up thus sometimes new people like yourself might be the only chance we have at fixing a serious problem today. And as for educating our kids it should be our priority they are our loving priceless natural resource.

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. We have the government we deserve. People have had far too much apathy, trusting that the government would do it's job. They have gotten far too powerful and arrogant. People need to get involved; especially at the local level. I applaud your willingness to go out and educate yourself. Even if we may not agree on the issues. We need honest people that are willing to step to the plate to make our government more accountable to the people, as the founders intended.