Saturday, June 6, 2009

Making a move to help

Well, I read it. For those of you who read my last post, "How can I do more?", you know I was planning on reading Peter Singer's book, The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty. I figured the sooner the better, so I checked it out from the library and just finished it today.

I must say, this is one of the most compelling books I have ever read, one that will prove to be life-altering, I'm sure. Singer presents shocking, factual evidence about the 1.4 billion people who live in extreme poverty around the world and how little we citizens of this planet are doing about it. Before reading this book, I was not knowledgeable about so much information about world poverty that Singer presents. Plus, as a long-time professor of ethics, Singer makes an ethical argument based on sound logic which one simply can't refute for making financial donations to aid organizations which fight poverty, stating that if you are not currently doing so, you are doing something morally wrong. Singer's intent is not for us to feel guilty, but is rather a compassionate and urgent call to action to help the thousands of people who die unnecessarily around the world every day due to the culprits of poverty: a lack of clean water, not enough food, and easily preventable illnesses and diseases.

Singer presents his reader with many helpful hints concerning which aid organizations are reliable and effectively help the world's extreme poor. My husband and I intend on giving an annual donation based on Singer's recommendations.

If you strive to live an ethical, moral life, it is absolutely imperative to read this book. So, how about a pledge? Who will pledge to read Peter Singer's, A Life You Can Save: Acting Now To End World Poverty? (If you don't want to buy it, get it from your local library.) Leave a comment if you'll make the pledge to read this incredible book!

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