Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Dear sister and friends who are moms - I hope you know how much I honor you this day. Lately, I have been putting forth more effort toward finding out why I have not been so fortunate to be a mother. I think part of my desire to be a mom comes from having such great examples in my life- in my own mom, my grandmother and aunts.

And you my dear sister even though at times you feel you could do better, you are doing beautifully. Your son knows he is loved and is curious, creative and smart (yes, I am bias, but, I can't help but pay a compliment when it is due on mother's day). I know you are still learning, but, no mother starts out knowing everything and one never stops learning. Even though I am not a mom- I hope you know this is true. I hope you enjoyed your day. It was nice spending time with you and mom and celebrating your day.

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