Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tears and more Tears

I admit it- I am sucker when it comes to sappy sad movies. I am pathetic, especially when it comes to seeing a child crying about something truly sad such as the loss of a parent or something similar. I cry when the characters are sad and I even get teary when they are happy if the movie is a good one. There are several movies that have been out some time I have avoided almost certainly because I know they could potentially have me in tears. Depending on how you feel about crying (I happen to think that sometimes it is a good thing and you just need to once in awhile) I would/would not recommend going to see the following two movies any time soon.

I should mention that I actually liked them both a great deal, but, as previously stated, they are emotional. The one I would recommend in any case is Extraordinary Measures. It is currently in theaters and stars Brandon Fraser, Harrison Ford and Keri Russell. The movie is based Geeta Anand's book, The Cure, which is a true story from about a family with two kinds that have Pompe disease. I won't ruin it for you, but, the whole movie is very inspiring, but, of course there are some tears to be shed; both happy and sad. Harrison Ford was better than I have seen him in awhile.

This past weekend my husband was nice enough to rent The Time Traveler's Wife for Valentines Day. Both he and I liked the storyline a great deal because it made you think about what your own life would be like if you could travel that way or know what would happen in the future. The only hard part was when they were trying to have a child. If you are trying and there is even the slightest chance you might not be able to have a child, this could be a little hard for you to watch. Needless to say, by the end of the movie I was in tears. At least I know I won't have the obstacle of a baby who is time traveling out of the womb. Regardless, I was still happy my husband is willing to view such films with me on occasion and he is even willing to lend a shoulder if necessary. For this, I am grateful.


  1. Have you read the book, The Time Traveler's Wife? I did and was pleasantly surprised - really liked it. It might not be the best writing, but the topic is unique; I hadn't read anything like it in a while. Anyway, if you haven't read it and you liked the movie, I'd recommend it highly. Haven't seen the movie myself but you've inspired me to do so as soon as I can!

  2. I have been meaning to read the book for some time Brenda. Just got a "Nook" and haven't committed to a new book yet. That may be it...