Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Family and Good Memories

I've had two really nice weekends the past two weeks. This past weekend a good number of my mother's family got together for the first time ages. My crazy uncle Fred had his living room filled with an inflatable palm tree and tropical animals that included a shark, a crab, an octopus and parrot. The house was nearly filled to capacity and we had a blast. It made me miss the old days when we used to get together more often. Some of the people who were there I hadn't seen since my wedding nearly four years ago and that is truly sad. Before the day was through my uncle and all of the children donned hula skirts and he went so far as to add a sea shell bra. Sorry I don't have the photos to share, but, when I do, I will be posting them on Facebook. I am hoping this past weekend was a turning point for our family since we did have such a nice time, perhaps, we will do it more often.

After leaving my uncles, I drove home to Chicago to find my husband had cleaned our apartment like a mad man in my absense. Not only had he done the dishes and took out the garbage, but, he did loads and loads of laundry, straightened up the living room and vacuumed. Needless to say, I was in heaven and told him thank you for the early Valentines gift. I also felt a little guilty about my last blog which I doubt he read. In fact, I am pretty sure he did it all on his own.

The previous weekend my husband and I celebrated two memorable events in our lives. His birthday (Happy 36th hun if you are reading this!) and the anniversary of our very first date. To celebrate, we went to a place called Uncommon Ground that features different musicians on a nightly basis and an excellent menu. The performances are free so long as you eat and drink a minimum of $20 which is a bargain for the Chicago area and the talent is good most of the time. We saw singer, songwriter Lexie Shine whose sound is similar to and nearly as gifted as Melissa Ethridge. Her song "Between You and Me" was a VH1 Song of the Year. Seeing someone who can play music well and enjoys what they do is my most favorite thing in the world. I can't get enough of it.

This time of year is usually a little hard for me since, like most Midwesterners, I get a little depressed that spring is still a couple months away. The past two weeks reminded me that I am truly lucky to have the family and the husband that I have. I hope those of you who read this are just as blessed.

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