Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Progress in New Years Resolutions...0

My New Year's resolutions this year were to cook more, use my Wii Fit at least twice a week and manage my time better, so that I can get more out of my life. So far this year, I am 0 for 3. It appears that the third resolution directly affects the other two since working late nearly every night for the past three weeks has me getting home at 7 or later each night too exhausted to cook. I have also been putting in overtime on the weekends.

I have managed to go to the gym a couple times a week (I am getting back up to 3 this week) but the Wii fit is supposed to be my routine on the days that I don't go. And tonight's blog is compliments of the dishes that have been sitting in the sink since Sunday evening that will probably be there until Saturday. I know if I had kids there is no way this would do, but, aside from waking up tomorrow morning earlier than 5:30 (if I take the bus) or 6 if I sleep in and drive, I am not sure what else I can do. I am talking to my boss tomorrow, hopefully this will help. Keep your fingers crossed.

Note the time of this post- I think sleep is going to win! Dishes will have to wait until this weekend when I get the house ready for the inlaws and celebrating my husband's birthday.


  1. Wow! It sounds like your job has taken over your life! You are certainly not a starring role in that schedule! I hope that you can strike a balance with your boss.

    As for the meal planning, try to do some freezer cooking. Take an afternoon/evening on a free weekend, plan a whole months worth of meals, cook them and then freeze them. In the morning, place the evening meal in the frig to thaw a little bit and when you get home pop them in the microwave or oven for a couple minutes and eat. It takes some planning but all the effort is in one day instead of every night when you just can't squeeze out the energy:-)

  2. Yikes! Working late AND overtime on weekends - no wonder you're losing the battle in finding time for you. Here's hoping that your talk goes well.

    Building on Susie's comment, if a month's worth of freezer meals seems too intimidating (or space-consuming if you don't have an extra freezer), make just a couple of extra meals. I make a triple batch of chili one weekend and a triple batch of mini-meatloafs another (love the rachael ray recipe that throws in extra veggies). Add frozen veggies and it's about 10 minutes, freezer to table.