Thursday, October 8, 2009

39 and Holding

I turned 39 yesterday. There I said it! I don't feel 39, but, I am putting it out there for the rest of our readers to know. This week, I have decided that I have spent enough time reflecting on the things that I still want to achieve- what some would call the "bucket list". Instead, since I do have 39 years of knowledge to share, I am going to write a list of things I have done that I would totally recommend everyone try and do before they hit 40 if you haven't already done them:

• Live in a city or town other than where you grew up for at least a year.
• Do something that scares you every once in awhile (but be smart enough to take percautions if they are necessary).
• Live with someone who you are having a romantic relationship for at least 6mos.
• Live with a roommate for at least a year.
• Live by yourself for at least a year.
• I would say have a child, but, this is one that is on my list.
• Love someone so bad it hurts.
• Love someone and lose them.
• Take any one more of the following classes: cooking, photography, guitar, painting/sketching, dance, voice, crafts or a foreign language. (My friend Kristin would probably add improv classes to the list)
• Travel to someplace in Europe- I highly recommend Venice, Vienna, Salzburg, London and Ireland (anywhere in Ireland is beautiful).
• Travel somewhere tropical- Jamaica and the San Juan Islands, WA (yes, I consider this tropical).
• Have a one night stand that you do not regret.
• Explore the U.S. (I admit, I need to do more of this, but, my favorite places of those I have been thus far are Washington, D.C., and San Diego,CA). Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list...
• Keep a diary for a period of time and then read it- it's a gift you can give yourself that doesn't cost much at all.
• Dance like a child at least once a year.
• See a Broadway show.
• Read or reread a classic novel for fun.
• Do something you haven't done since you were a child.
• Say you are sorry when you are wrong.
• Stand up for what you believe when it's important or when someone else can't do it for themselves.
• See a big name musician in concert (20+ and counting)
• Work at a job you love (and this includes being a mom).
• Go to a museum at least once a year.
• Make a few mistakes.
• Try snorkeling, windsurfing, or scuba diving (scuba diving is on my list).
• Do something out of character at least once a year.
• Volunteer at least once a year.
• Go out of your way for a friend.
• Go out of your way for a stranger or at least an acquaintance.

Now, a few of these are easy- many of us would have them on our list of things they have done, but, how often do we really think about their value? These are things we should all celebrate. Even the ones that may not seem positive at first glance. In some cases, they are valuable lessons learned.

I don't mean to seem like a know it all- I know there are still some things out there I have yet to experience, but, reflecting on what I have accomplished has given me confidence to keep moving forward.

I am sure there are a few more I have forgotten, but, I wanted to see what else others would have on their list. Feel free to share and perhaps, by next year, I will have a few of your recommendations that I can add to the list of celebration.


  1. I think the only thing that I would add would be to heal a wound. We all have baggage but that baggage doesn't have to be an heirloom.

  2. Great list! I should start a list... I turned 39 last month. :)

  3. I love the one about move away from your home town. Except I would say leave for at least 5 years. It really takes 1 year to get use to a new place. When you are away longer your perceptions change and you really broaden your horizons. There is so much out in the world to explore and so many different ways of life.

  4. How wonderful that you've been able to experience all those things -this is such a great list!