Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Face Lift

My parents have lived in the same house for nearly 40 years. It was over a hundred years old when they first moved into it, so you can imagine over the years their home has pretty much always needed some kind of work. My husband spent the past week or so giving the front of my parent’s home a face lift. I thought I would write about it and show a picture of the flowers we both planted, because, it’s not too many husbands who would spend a week living with their in laws without their spouse doing something he wasn’t asked to do.

I love my parents, sister and nephew very much, but, I also recognize that it’s not the easiest time in their lives. My mom just had double knee surgery (just call her robotic mom). My dad is 66 and is usually working more than 10-hour days because he is afraid he might not have a job next year if he doesn’t. My sister is 35, working part time and living with her parents. Combined, they are helping to raise my 2 ½ half year old nephew who has more than enough energy (not to mention verbal capabilities) to outmatch all of them.

Ben must really love me. We had a very nice weekend catching up with Sue and her husband before her mom came home, picking out and planting flowers, catching bubbles with my nephew and visiting my folks.

Hopefully, it will help to give each of them a little place to relax and enjoy.

Sorry for the late post. Even though it was my flex day today, with all of the appointments I had been putting off, it was just a little busy. I figured that Diane hasn’t been posting on Fridays anyway, so I would still write about something. Hopefully, once she manages to catch her breath from being mother to a new born she will give everyone an update;) Have a good weekend anyone!


  1. It was so fun catching up last weekend:-) And the house looks GREAT!!!

  2. wow, over 40 years! you're family sounds awesome!

  3. I found you on sits and just had to follow! What a fun blog! Have a wonderful friday! I'm offering blog makeovers if your interested check out my blog for details!


  4. If only this house could talk, the stories it could tell! My mom loves old houses, and passion for them is totally rubbing off on me! They're such a great piece of history as well as a home! Too bad they can be a real pain too.

    My mom lives in a house built in 1920 and she's had to do so much work on it!! For her, it really is a labor of love, although that love would be easier if she had endless amounts of money to help with the costs of labor and supplies! :)

    Angela from Angela's Soliloquy

    We SITS have to stick together!