Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is it Just Me? (Installment #2)

It has been awhile since I have been at home alone on a week day. Over past year or so my company has been on a campaign to improve its image and keep its employees longer, so as of last week, I have a new schedule. I work 9 hr days (as I would normally anyway) and every two weeks I get a day off. Hooray for flexible hours- there is hope for me not turning into my workaholic parents yet.

Did you ever have a day off that you knew was coming so you kept putting things off thinking you would do it then and all of the sudden you have a too do list that is a mile long? Of course, it could only end in disappointment since there is no way everything will be accomplished so I sit here trying to determine what is the most important or most doable. Writing a quick blog was among the top favorites. I don’t know that it is any more important than calling my insurance company to see why they did not cover my last doctor’s appointment, but, somehow it ended up being one of the first things I did after taking a shower and making the coffee this morning. Shortly, I will be leaving to go work out with my trainer and a friend. After that we are off to lunch. These are the things I have been looking forward to. This afternoon, however, I have a date with Jiffy Lube to rotate my car tires and change the oil, do the dishes, do some laundry and perhaps clean the area around my crowded desk. If I was a mother, I am sure not even half of my personal things would get done and the time would be filled with other things.

Why is it the majority of the time that I have a day off from work, it is not truly a day off? It is a day to get things done. To my husband, a day off means rest and relaxation. It is not his fault; I don’t know how to do it any other way. It is how I have been conditioned. Is it just me or is it most women? How do we become unconditioned?

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  1. I do think it is a female thing because my husband is the same way. He can take a day and truly call it his own but I can not.