Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Introduction to Yoga

This was my second consistent week of working out four days a week. I changed up my routine by taking my very first yoga. Here are a few random thoughts that crossed my mind over the 1 1/2 hr session:
  • How long do you seriously expect me to hold this pose?

  • Are those my feet or someone else's feet I smell?

  • My leg really doesn't bend that way.

  • Boy, is it hot in here. Now, this pose I like.

  • The man next to me sure has a lot of naval hair.

  • Can you keep your Pranayama breathing down please- I am trying to fall asleep.

But seriously, my first experience was a lot of fun even if my favorite pose is one that I already knew - the child's pose. I am hoping this alternative to the gym will provide not only a chance to strengthen my body, but, serve an even better source of stress release. I am just beginning, but, I have already grasped that practicing yoga is as much about breathing as it is about movement. I am enjoying finding more things my body can do. So far, so good.

Incidently, there are a number of good (and some bad) yoga videos on Youtube that will show you some of what I learned. This link will lead you to the best according to Waylon Lewis. I also thought I would share the info about my instructor Lindsay since it also explains some of the other benefits of yoga. Hope you enjoy.

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