Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making Up for Lost Time

Sorry for missing my post last week, but, it was something that could not be avoided. I had dinner plans with a girlfriend I haven't seen in several months, who had recently undergone surgery and it ran later than expected. After realizing the next day that I had not yet written my blog, I considered the value of personal time and how hard it is sometimes to make time even for things we care about. We spend so much time at work-personally, I spend close more than 45. Actually, it used to be more, but, once I added a commute that adds an hour or longer on both ends, I realized this couldn't continue.

This weekend I spent more time with my mom on my own than I have in years and it was really nice. We had a pedicure ( a real treat for me- I have only had two in my life), dinner, a play an shopping over the weekend). If you are ever in the Chicago area and in need of a good laugh, I would highly recommend, "Don't Dress for Dinner" at the Royal George Theater. It actually a British play that is very well done and truly funny. My husband actually joined us for this part of the weekend as well and he was pleasantly surprised;)

Now, having gotten the female conversation fix that I have been craving, it's occurred to me how little time I have spent with my family and friends lately. It is not something I have been consciously doing; just going through the routine, spending time with my husband on weekends and going from one thing the next, but, it happens and every once in awhile when I get the opportunity to share some stories or listen to a friend, that I realize how much I miss it.

I also realized a couple of things. Technology has actually made it easier and harder to communicate. While it is easier to send a quick email, instant message or text someone when we need to, we may have lost the ability to communicate on a more personal level. While I owe my living to technology and appreciate all of its conveniences, I have learned that picking up the phone or making the time to see a friend in-person is much more gratifying.

Secondly, the old adage about time spent at work vs. time spent with family and friends is very true. At the end of our lives, when we are reflecting on what we have had and what we did, we are never going to say, "I wish I had spent more time at work!" I need to remind myself of this when work gets hectic and infringes on personal time like it has been lately.

Third, it has been a long cold winter here in the Midwest, so much so that I am beginning to wonder if I have inherited the Seasonal Affective Disorder that the rest of my family seems to suffer from. Now that I am through it, I am realizing that I am way overdue for some more time with people one-on-one. I am also overdue for making time for myself (to be by myself), because I have learned this can be valuable as well.

You see, I know the value of time spent with friends and family and on myself, but, every once in a while we all need reminding. It will do me some good to work on this concept, until I feel better about my schedule again lately...


  1. I understand about your post. I have done some of the same things this last week. I've neglected my blog, only puting a little jot here & there. I'm just glad someone else goes thru the same things!
    I also believe that more people suffer from 'SAD' than we realize.

    Take care!! ;0)

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    Have a great day.. Cheers!!!