Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What I have learned about LOVE

What l learned about love from MY SISTER
Love grows. At first, when we are young, our siblings are just there, but, as we grow older, we find they stick by you like no one else. They go from being the person you teased (or teased you), to the person who you confide in because they come from the same place (spiritually that is) that you did and they know you better than most.

What I learned about love from MY PARENTS
Love is knowing when to step in and when to give you room to breathe. My parents have been pretty good at doing this throughout my life. This might be because they are both teachers who always seem to demonstrate that same balance with their students.

Love is expressed through actions; not just words and it doesn’t have to be the big gestures- sometimes it is the little things you do. My parents seem to have the right balance of doing big and little things.

Love is providing a place to land or at least rest.

What I learned about love from MY FRIENDS
Love is sharing in your joys and comforting your fears. Love is filling the spaces in between. I am lucky enough to have several women in my life who have been there from my early 20s on and some even longer who I feel that same closeness to as I do with my sister.

What I learned about love from MY HUSBAND
Love is appreciating your beauty both inside and out.
Love is supporting you in spite of your faults or at times of when you are not at your best.
Love is tender. Love is in a hug as well as a kiss.
Love is discovering new things and new ways to explore and express that feeling.

As you can tell, I have been luckier than some and for this I am grateful.