Thursday, January 8, 2009


My personal advice on taking the sting out of going back to work the Monday after a holiday:

  1. Write yourself a “to do list” the night before. 1st on the list- call in sick! Hmmm... probably not a good thing to do in this economy.
  2. Ease yourself into the work day by starting with something manageable... like getting yourself a cup of coffee and catching up on your email.
  3. Ignore your “to do” list and think about what you would rather be doing at home for the first half hour.

What would I rather have been doing at 8 am than staring at my computer screen in my cube trying to rack my brain about the projects that I was working on before Christmas vacation? That’s easy… easing my way out of bed and making a cup of coffee and breakfast to enjoy while watching the movie my husband and I didn’t quite finish the day before. But, back to reality!

Allow me to introduce myself as one of the women “at work all day” away from home that is. I am Kari, an instructional designer living in Chicago who develops online courses for adults in a variety of fields including visual arts, health care, business, IT, and next month who knows what. My husband Ben and I moved back into the city this summer after a several months of house hunting and then finally realizing that we were required to live there because of my husband’s job as a public school teacher. Instead of a house complete with a yard, a kitchen with a dishwasher, our own washer and dryer , etc. , we are renting a three bedroom upper flat from a nice older couple who live downstairs. We don’t have a dishwasher- this is rare in the city unless you live downtown and we share our washer and dryer with the other two families in our building. Positives- It’s the first place I have lived in Chicago where I can usually park in front of my home and not the next street over.

Ultimately, we are more at home here, we are closer to friends, thousands of restaurants, more distinctive shops, the lakefront, museums and so forth and we have started a new chapter in our lives. Currently, Ben and I do not have any children. Instead, we have a two year old cat named Mocha who follows me around our apartment, gets into plenty of trouble and loves to cuddle up at night on our laps to sleep. Other than spending quality time with my husband and our friends in the city, I love taking photos, volunteering, visiting the museums, journaling and watching popular TV series like Lost and 24. Lately, a good deal of my time has also been devoted to working out. Next week, I will fill you in on the details of that endeavor as well.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my tales, pics, what’s its and blunders from my little corner of the universe, making new friends and continuing my friendship with these four other incredible women. Bye for now.


  1. I think we are all having a hard time getting back in the swing this week.

  2. I know I do not want to be working this week. :)

  3. You are so cool. I look forward to reading about you and learning more about you. I love blogging! Getting to meet all these wonderful women who live such different but yet almost same lives.
    I have a passion for photography though I don' know alot of the technical stuff about it. Anyway, look forward to seeing your photos.

  4. I love Chicago....if I had to live "IN" a city..that is the one I would choose. I'm not too far....I live in a suburb of St. Louis.

    I too love 24 and happy they are both back on soon....actually, I think 24 starts TONIGHT!!! Wooo Hooo..

  5. Looking forward to seeing a side of life that I am not familiar with :) Sounds like you lead an interesting one...